Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Classe Affaires brings you the AI experience with Microsoft Azure. These solutions are accessible to everyone and are for anyone; you will certainly find the perfect formula for you.

Implement the Microsoft Azure solution

Classe Affaires, proud partner of Microsoft, implements one of their innovative solutions, Microsoft Azure. A multitude of solutions combining artificial intelligence with cloud for your projects. Make your life easier by including Azure in your projects.

Benefit from an automatic learning process

Your computer can learn from the available data, making it easier to solve tasks without having to explicitly program each one. Thanks to Azure’s AI solutions, your computer can translate a speech or estimate a probability density. You will be tempted to ask your computer questions!

Ask your computer to do research for you

Thanks to Azure, ask your computer to search for information in a large quantity of documents, photos, emails… Receive only the content that interests you. All your documents and forms are transformed into data that can be used by your computer. How convenient to have a work tool that is full of data.

Take advantage of many other features available

Create a process in which your software recognizes people’s emotions, voices and intentions. Or, with Azure, come up with a solution that calculates your itinerary for you while taking into account traffic density. Choose THE solution that is perfect for you!

Need help and clarification implementing your AI system?

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