Business Intelligence and Dashboards

Business Class works with the Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) that will transform your data into stunning reports and visualizations, quickly readable and understandable. Click here to learn more about the Power Bi.

To track information or to help you make the best decision, our team can support and advise you in developing efficient and intelligent analysis tools and dashboards. Dashboards will transform and shape your data into interactive visualizations to match your analysis and reporting needs.

These indicators (Key Performance Indicator – KPI) are linked to operational goals, in order to make informed decisions.

Take the example of your vehicle’s dashboard. You could probably drive without it, but maybe you would stop too often to fill the vehicle with gasoline or waste time by driving too slowly on a highway on a sunny day.

Put us to the test!

No system is too old to be equipped with a newer dashboard which runs in your Web browser, Tablet and Smartphone.

An effective dashboard, as your vehicle’s dashboard does, has to:

  • Illustrate a complex reality with a simplified diagram.

  • Report undesirable outcomes.

  • Allow to make informed decisions.
  • Have an overview of your data.

You will more effectively manage your financial, marketing and business objectives and will be able to analyze variances between actual figures and estimates – allowing you, if needed, to take the necessary actions to rectify the situation.

You can give a second life to your current systems by linking and merging data of all systems in order to provide useful information for making management decisions relevant to your reality. This will help you better focus on your production immediately and plan for the eventual replacement of these systems to optimize productivity or to avoid falling into desuetude.

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