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Make informed decisions by exploring your data with visual reports that update in real time.

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Our business intelligence solutions allow you to use your data to increase the performance of your business.

Our experts create intelligent and dynamic dashboards that give you solutions connected to your data and allow you to see in real time the data that really matters to your business.

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Our business intelligence (BI) solutions let you turn your data into a strategic asset.

Create a data culture in your organization

Transform and strengthen collaboration within your team by creating a data culture. Make better decisions faster and with more confidence.

  • Connect to your corporate data, locally or in the cloud, in real time;
  • Ask questions in natural language and get predictive visualizations in response;
  • Create your own custom visuals;
  • Discover predictive trends.

Business Class offers Business Intelligence Solutions running on Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI enables our customers to visualize their data from a tool that is both powerful and instinctive. Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts to find out more!

Business Class has more than 15 years of innovative expertise. Our team has successfully completed hundreds of web, mobile and Windows application projects. We have an excellent understanding of the challenges business in many industries face. We are aware of the realities for small, medium and large businesses. Discuss your business challenges with one of our senior consultants. Great opportunities are yet to be discovered!

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