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Work with us at Business Class

At Business Class, we know that working is more than just a job to do. Our priority is to provide a challenging and rewarding work environment which allows each team member to develop new skills. That is why we offer our employees a nice and friendly workplace which include flexible working hours to balance work and family, as well as many benefits including RRSP, group health insurance plan and cumulative working hours plan.

Benefits you get with Business Class

Balancing work and family because your personal life matter too!

Flexible work schedule to enjoy your family and personal life.

Group RRSP and personalized financial planning service.

Group health insurance plan including disability insurance program.

Social events because we believe in team spirit!

Coffee and soft drinks provided to keep you hydrated.

Large dining room with fully equipped kitchen, including oven, fridge, toaster and dishwasher.

Breakroom room with comfortable sofas, TV and video games.

Air conditioning to provide a comfortable working environment. It is essential, not an option.

Competitive compensation package.

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