Microsoft Cloud Azure

For more information on Cloud Azure, consult this page.

Enjoy peace of mind with Business Class! Azure Cloud Services, a private cloud where all your data are stored in a secure platform provided by Microsoft. In 2016, Microsoft expanded its cloud services in Canada with two datacenters in Quebec City and Toronto. You can rest assured about the security of your data.

Azure Cloud allows to:

  • Access your company data, regardless of the time of the day and location.
  • Synchronize information on multiple devices.
  • Easily share your documents with other users.
  • Free up your computer space memory by saving these data through Cloud services.
  • Save and backup on the web through Cloud services.

Save time

Quickly access your data

Azure Cloud is a private Cloud service where all your data are saved in a secure platform.

Business Class creates your Cloud plan with you, as well as develops and manages the whole project to meet your requirements.

Business Class also offers services that include virtual machines, application development, web hosting, auto-scaling (which allows to maintain the availability of your application or website and to increase or reduce automatically your capacity), high availability center, hosted databases SQL Server and SSAS.

All solutions provided by Business Class are compatible with the Azure Cloud *:

  • Reduce infrastructure costs (initial investment, maintenance and operating costs)
  • Pay only for your needs. With the Azure Cloud, no need to pay in advance for your needs in the future.
  • Azure Cloud evolves and adapts to your realities. If business expands and the number of users increases, Azure Cloud will adjust according to your needs.

* It is not mandatory to use the Microsoft Azure Cloud services if you are a Business Class solutions user. Other cloud services are available, although Business Class recommends businesses cloud solutions such as Azure Cloud.

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