Custom Software

Transform your business and innovate with custom software, tailored to your company and your team.


By opting for custom software, you give yourself the opportunity to improve all of your business processes.

Customized software allows you to optimize all your operations. With your knowledge of your business’ obstacles and our expertise, you will be able to transform and move your organization to the next level.

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Tailored software provides a return on investment that is unquestionably superior to generic ERP software.

Customized software delivers ultra-competitive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the enterprise application market.

Customized software delivers enhanced productivity from the first week of business use.

Customized software is, by definition, a business project focused on your operations, processes and growth.

Discover some of Business Class’ clients (in french)

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Business Class has more than 15 years of innovative expertise.
Our team has successfully completed hundreds of web, mobile and Windows application projects. We have an excellent understanding of the challenges business in many industries face. We are aware of the realities for small, medium and large businesses. Discuss your business challenges with one of our senior consultants.  Great opportunities are yet to be discovered!

Microsoft Azure is at the heart of our software development strategy

Microsoft Azure is a continually evolving set of cloud services designed to help organizations face the challenges of today and tomorrow. Business Class’ expertise combined with Microsoft Azure’s tools allows you to realize the full potential of your enterprise applications through highly secure and widely available global services.

Enhanced productivity
for our developers

Benefit from the highly efficient productivity of our developers using the latest Microsoft development and management tools. The performance of our developers ensures low costs and optimized production times.

A hybrid cloud that meets

We develop and deploy your custom application where you want it. Azure is currently the only coherent hybrid cloud in the market. Business Class can deploy your application on a hybrid architecture.

A cloud designed for our
smart applications

We create smart applications of the latest generation. Our experts benefit from powerful data and artificial intelligence services available via Microsoft Azure.

Un cloud ultra sécurisé et
de renommé mondial

Custom-made applications have the same security, privacy, and compliance protection as 95% of Fortune 500 companies. Our experts take advantage of Microsoft Azure’s fully integrated security controls.

Discuss your company, your challenges and your strategic goals with one of our senior consultants.


No need to be computer literate to know what your business could do with custom software. If you know the challenges of your business, our software development experts will be able to guide you through every step of the project. We have in-depth expertise in accounting processes, operations management, customer experience and growth management.