Digital transformation: 5 measurable benefits

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Demonstrate the positive impact of your technology project in a quantifiable way, using key performance indicators.

Consolidating data from different software, automating part of the operations or simplifying workflows are among the reasons that can justify the decision to embark on a digital transformation. In addition to addressing your primary needs, this type of change generate tangible results throughout your organization, both internally and externally.


1.  Time savings

By automating processes, optimizing workflows and ensuring better management of your data, a digital transformation enables you to speed up your activities. The reduction in time required per process is an indicator of this improvement, as is the reduction in average production time.

Time savings in workflows, yes, but also in strategic decision-making. Proper processing of your data and a contribution from artificial intelligence can quickly highlight strategic business opportunities and support you in making informed decisions.


2.  Increased productivity

In your business, how much profit is generated per employee? Not only can digital tools allow you to monitor this performance indicator, you can improve this result by implementing different technological solutions.

Simplifying processes, providing effective training materials and introducing automation into workflows can all have a strong impact on your team’s productivity. By automating non-value-added tasks, for example, your employees have more time to put their expertise to use and thereby directly enrich your business.

Once your technology project is complete, you can measure its effect on productivity by calculating the value of the results achieved through the new solutions compared to the investment in resources.


3.  Greater rate of innovation

A digital transformation is often a perfect opportunity to enhance your company’s offering. For example, you could use technology to create revenue by developing new products or services. Modernizing existing offerings, for example by making them available on the web, can also be highly profitable.

This type of initiative increases your rate of innovation, which indicates the company’s performance in creating or enhancing products, services or processes. It is measured by comparing the proportion of revenue generated by new or improved offerings to the company’s total revenue.


4.  Optimized marketing campaigns

Data mining and analysis are the cornerstones of a digital transformation. By putting your database to work, you can update your ways of reaching potential customers and increase the success rate of your approaches.

Among other things, you can accurately target the audience most receptive to your offers, optimize your advertising budgets and adapt your contact points (social media, blog, newsletter, etc.) to your customers’ preferences. As a result, the cost of acquiring a new customer decreases, while the conversion rate increases and the quality of your prospects increases.


5.  Increased customer satisfaction

Through its impact on your business processes, a digital transformation contributes to maximizing the value of your offer in the eyes of the customer. Whether it’s through simplified processes, short production times, innovative products or an up-to-date approach, you gain in appeal!

Business solutions tailored to your situation help you ensure a smooth customer experience by minimizing—if not eliminating—friction points. From there, increasing your customer lifetime value becomes an easy goal. Your customer retention rate and Net Promoter Score (NPS) are two other indicators of your customer satisfaction level.


Maximize your profits

To get the most out of your digital transformation, you need expert guidance. From the outset of your technology project, specialists will guide you in analyzing your needs, defining the project and, finally, implementing the transformation.


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