Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a complete solution that allows you to access your important data as well as visualize your reports and dashboards anytime of the day, wherever you are, as this solution performs an automatic synchronization of your data. For more information about power bi, consult this page.

Power BI solution will transform your data into stunning dashboards and visualizations, quickly readable and understandable for all people working within your organization. Power BI is a decision-making suite tools to analyse data and share information. Monitor your activities and productivity and get answers through rich visual dashboards on all your devices (computer, tablet and phone).

Business Class specializes in the development of dashboards  by using the hidden potential of your existing data within your internal systems.

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Business Intelligence and Dashboards

Benefits of the Power BI solution:

  • Your whole business activities in one dashboard.
  • Create interactive reports and share them with your team.
  • Easily embed decision processes and analytics in your app and deliver effective and detailed reports.
  • Visualize and analyze all your business data in one dashboard, on the web or on your local network.

Power BI unfolds on different electronic devices:

  • Microsoft Power BI on desktop: display your database through visual dashboard with drag and drop function. Power BI provides a wide range of tools and the ability to create easy-to-use reports.
  • Microsoft Power BI on Mobile: Access your data anywhere. Your data is available in real-time.
  • Microsoft Power BI Gateway: Update your database through secure data transfer between on-premises data sources (data that is not in the cloud).


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Human Resources Sample


IT Spend Analysis Sample


Opportunity Analysis Sample


Procurement Analysis Sample


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Supplier Quality Analysis

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