What’s up, Classe Affaires ?

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On October 21, the latest edition of What’s Up was held, an event that assembles the entire Classe Affaires team.

Pausing to reflect, everyone together: that’s the idea behind What’s Up. Held twice a year, the event allows us to take stock of the most important projects of the last few months, the team’s successes and new upcoming products.

Whether we attend in person or virtually, these gatherings are a great time to exchange ideas. This October, to our great delight, almost everyone who attended showed up at our offices, resulting in a festive and friendly atmosphere!


Talking about business and projects is important, but so is hearing about each other.

Congratulating new parents, acknowledging a sporting achievement or listening to crazy travel anecdotes, for example, also have their place on the program. This time, it was around an enormous submarine sandwich, a mountain of condiments and microbrewery beers that we caught up on the latest news.

To end the day on a high note, the team stretched their legs – and arms – by playing a few rounds of bowling. Rumour has it that some out-of-this-world victory dances were seen after the games!