[minti_image img=”18866″][minti_divider style=”5″ margin=”20px 0 20px 0″][minti_headline weight=”fontweight-600″ transform=”transform-uppercase” align=”align-left”]We have an expertise in secure and complex websites that include online payment, customer online access, online quote systems and website administration by your company.[/minti_headline]

Business Class has a great deal of expertise in website programming as well as in development of responsive web applications of all kinds.

[minti_headline color=”#222222″ weight=”fontweight-600″ align=”align-left” margin=”0 0 10px 0″]Here are few sample cases that demonstrate our expertise:[/minti_headline][minti_unordered_list style=”point” color=”accent” show_separator=”no”]

  • Smart systems managing bank transactions (withdrawals, deposits, interest calculations, NSF checks).
  • Real time web-based communication tools with customers including interactive (chatbots) and automated text messages (SMS).
  • Access to credit records (consultation, report, identity verification and authentication).
  • Management of commission calculator, bonus, sales volume discounts or dividends.
  • Inventory management, inventory planning and sales projection as well as costs/production costs, FIFO method orders.
  • Secured online payment.
  • Online training including registration and preauthorized payments.
  • Contests and registration management.
  • Travel agencies websites with secured customer zone that include online booking, conversation and customer service.



Of course, those are only few samples of many websites. Regardless of its size or complexity, rest assured that we can help and support you in the development of your website.


[minti_headline size=”fontsize-xxxxl” color=”#ffffff” weight=”fontweight-700″ margin=””]OUR EXPERTISE[/minti_headline][minti_divider style=”8″ margin=”0px 0px 25px 0px”][minti_headline size=”fontsize-l” color=”#ffffff” weight=”fontweight-600″ lineheight=”lh-14″ transform=”transform-uppercase”]IS AT YOUR DISPOSAL FOR ALL THE ASPECTS OF YOUR BUSINESS YOU WISH TO SECURE AND AUTOMATE.[/minti_headline]
[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xl” weight=”fontweight-700″ lineheight=”lh-13″ transform=”transform-uppercase” align=”align-left” margin=”0 0 10px 0″]Here are few examples of intranets and extranets that we have developed:[/minti_headline][minti_divider style=”5″ margin=”0 0 20px 0″][minti_unordered_list style=”point” color=”accent” show_separator=”yes”]

  • Intranet for insurance brokers with secure online insurance application and quote systems
  • Sales management extranet fully compatible with Acomba or SAGE for distributors and retailers in North America, which allows to order online, track the status of repairs, locate nearby retailers per brand solutions, and more
  • Intranet that outlines the sales data per salesperson, fully compatible with Acomba or SAGE. Salespersons have access to sales targets as well as their progress sorted by retailer or product and periodical comparative data
  • Intranet management application for international rentals accommodation with online tracking system of requests and payments.


[minti_image img=”18868″][minti_divider style=”5″ margin=”20px 0 20px 0″][minti_headline weight=”fontweight-600″ transform=”transform-uppercase” align=”align-left”]Because of its great experience with accounting software and protection of sensitive data, Business Class has also developed expertise in the realization of secure and efficient corporate intranets.
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