Nadine joins us as Director of IT Operations!

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Nadine has an undeniable unifying spirit: transmitting a vision and creating team synergy are part of her strengths. She ensures that everyone evolves through the projects, while making sure the team has fun!

Over the past 15 years, Nadine has been involved in various facets of the technology world. Among others, she has worked in operations, quality assurance and project management. In addition, she is recognized for her expertise in digital accessibility. Whether in private companies, public organizations or NPOs, her experience is vast and she knows how to share it with the team.


A fervent supporter of agile management, our new director also has a keen interest in continuous improvement. Her main motivation is to see her colleagues grow by helping our clients achieve their goals. She firmly believes that an environment where fun, collaboration and evolution are combined is a guarantee of success for both the team and our clients.

Nadine is interested in team dynamics, and not only in her professional life. She describes herself as an armchair athlete, always ready to participate in a field hockey or football pool. With her positive attitude and drive, we know she will lead our team to success!

Welcome, Nadine!