Joomla Bridge with Acomba at Genicolor

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Genicolor Canada, a company specializing in commercial and industrial original retouching (OEM) paint, wanted to mechanize the process of registering customer invoices in Acomba using data from the company’s transactional website, based on Joomla.


We developed a bridge that automates online orders to Acomba transactions. This process saves a lot of time and ensures the accuracy of the data transferred.


Business Class is specialized in software development related to accounting systems such as Acomba, and we are an accredited developer for more than ten (10) years.


Genicolor is a Canadian manufacturer dedicated exclusively to automotive and machinery paint refinishing, both commercial and industrial. Founded more than 15 years ago by a dedicated team with more than 35 years of experience, Genicolor continues to develop high-end products that meet the demands of manufacturers.