Yvon Gasse Distinction for our involvement

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For his involvement with Entrepreneuriat Laval in the last ten years, our CTO, Jean-Sébastien Parent is awarded the distinction Yvon Gasse.

Mr. Parent has been volunteering with Entrepreneuriat Laval for ten years now, offering workshops to new entrepreneurs to help them make decisions and opportunities for their website and online presence.

This award is named after Yvon Gasse as a tribute to the founder and first president of Entrepreneuriat Laval inc. Mr. Yvon Gasse has been a professor in the Department of Management of the Faculty of Science of Administration at Laval University since 1977. He is also the founder and director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and SMEs and the Director of the Chair of research in innovation and entrepreneurship at Laval University. A prolific researcher, Professor Gasse is a leading figure in the field of entrepreneurship in Canada and abroad.