Jocelyn, a colleague who thrives on experiences!

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Our new programmer-analyst combines an immense passion for technology with a thirst for learning. With such a profile, it is not surprising that he was welcomed with open arms by the Classe Affaires team!

Jocelyn has over 10 years’ experience in IT, notably in the healthcare and insurance sectors. Driven by a constant desire to grow, he is sure to succeed! In his hands, new concepts and complexity become opportunities to improve. Putting aside his pride, rolling up his sleeves and showing team spirit are, for him, the attitudes to adopt to continue his development.



He is passionate about the technical side of his work, but not at the expense of the human aspect. Jocelyn sees the realization of a project as an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant experience for all involved. When he works with a customer, he strives to provide the best possible solution to their needs, while maintaining his good humour!

At home, he optimizes his professional performance with an outstanding computer setup, which he also uses for gaming. When he’s not in front of his screen, Jocelyn can be found out on the road on his motorcycle with his family. There’s no denying it, he really is into experiences!

Welcome to the team, Jocelyn!


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