We are delighted to welcome Nathalie to the team!

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Nathalie has over 15 years’ experience in product design and user experience (UX). She has a proven track record in a variety of fields, including cybersecurity, insurance and recruitment.     

Nathalie likens her work to that of an illustrator. It all starts with the user’s story, which enables her to fully understand their needs and objectives. She then applies her empathy, creativity and experience to conceptualizing solutions that offer the best user experience. The interfaces she creates are aesthetically pleasing, of course, but above all they are perfectly adapted to the user’s story. As a result, the solutions developed are “illustrated” by ergonomic, accessible and intuitive visuals, ensuring users have an enjoyable experience.



With her sparkling and unifying presence, Nathalie clearly embodies team spirit. She will bring her magic touch to Neo, while collaborating on other projects at Classe Affaires.

Nathalie needs to achieve the goals she sets herself, whether professional or personal. For example, as a marathon runner, she has several obstacle courses to her credit. In her spare time, she also gives free rein to her creative side. She likes to paint, draw… and build Lego! Nathalie is definitely a great addition to the team😊

Welcome, Nathalie!


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