Ready for a Lego challenge?

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What would you do if you found yourself faced with a pile of Lego bricks? Grab the instruction booklet for inspiration? Let your imagination run wild? Draw on a wealth of experience from your childhood, or go into discovery mode?

For the holiday season in 2022, each member of the Classe Affaires team received a Lego box containing 484 pieces of various shapes, colours and sizes. The first challenge was to create an avatar from the pieces provided, and raiding their kid’s collection was off limits!

The outcomes were wildly varied, ranging from comic book characters to animals, robots, objects and landscapes. Drawing from the same pieces, each person found a way to express their individuality: all the avatars were unique. Since then, we’ve done it again with two other challenges: vehicles and unloved pieces. The creations were just as impressive!


It’s no surprise that the Classe Affaires team is so good at Lego creations!

These challenges are a fun way of tapping into the qualities we use every day. Building innovative solutions requires technological tools, but also a great deal of ingenuity and creativity.

Business analysts detail our customers’ needs and submit a construction plan to the developers, who then expertly assemble the code required to meet the objectives.


From one challenge to the next, we have fun changing the rules. Stopwatch in hand, limited choice of colours, surprise theme: we’re not afraid to reinvent the formula. While we’ve only got three events under our belts so far, it’s clear that the level of competition has already risen. With each challenge, the creations became more complex, the concepts more refined and the settings more elaborate.

From now on, all new employees receive a Lego box on their first day. Through construction anecdotes, stylistic choices and the discovery of hidden talents, each challenge is an excuse to get to know our colleagues better – and, above all, to have fun together.


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