Digital transformation: 5 tips for choosing the right business partner

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To make your digital transformation a success, a solid, specialized and experienced team is a must. Does your organization have the human resources required to achieve your technological change-over? If it doesn’t, using the services of an outside agency is an option you may want to consider. Naturally, the scale of the project and the necessary investment call for caution. So how do you choose a business partner who can meet your project needs?

The best business partner carries out your project while saving you time and money, but that’s not all. The breadth of their knowledge and experience allows them to guide you in making strategic decisions. They have the necessary flexibility to adapt to your specific needs and help you achieve your goals. In addition, they know how to foresee and overcome obstacles and encourage the adoption of change in your organization.

“A digital transformation project is like a marriage: it’s a long-term relationship. It’s worth choosing carefully who you want to live the adventure with.”

— Simon Martel, Classe Affaires.

Do you want to identify the ideal business partner? Here are 5 tips to make the right choice.


1.  Identify their approach, reputation and experience

Favour a business partner geared toward your company’s success. This type of collaborator doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to gaining a real understanding of your needs, stakes and goals. This in-depth knowledge of your reality allows them to provide you with strategic advice that’s right for your specific situation.

Feel free to ask for concrete examples of achievements and references. While well-known names naturally inspire confidence, the best partners are not necessarily the ones who invest a fortune in advertising. Actually speaking with past or present clients usually provides a much more accurate picture of their approach.


2.  Be sure of their skills

Certifications, examples of their achievements and a continuing education program, among other things, attest to a potential partner’s skills. An effective collaborator allows you to benefit from solid and varied technical expertise, of course, but more than that, they will work together with your in-house team in a spirit of cooperation and knowledge sharing. They’ll also advise you on ways to considerably reduce resistance to change, a common challenge when it comes to implementing new technologies.


3.  Pay attention to customer service

What tools are available to you to communicate with your partner and monitor the project’s progress? An effective communication system is necessary for your project’s success: opt for a collaborator who listens to you, who is both proactive and reactive. Also ask for visibility with regard to operations and the progress of deliverables.


4.  Verify their work methods

An experienced partner has a methodology that allows them to minimize the risks associated with projects: costs, deliverables and deadlines are structured in a way that maximizes value creation for your company.


Are your potential partners agile?  

Focused on communication and collaboration, agile methodology advocates a flexible, adaptive and progressive approach, particularly well-suited to large-scale tech projects. 


Having access to the source code is another factor for success. If the code is accessible, you’ll be able to adapt it or develop it in the future, increasing your return on investment.


5.  Ask to meet the team

Your business partner’s skills and experience are of prime importance, but the human factor can’t be overlooked. Gather information on the business culture of your potential collaborator and ensure it is consistent with your own.

What team members will be working on your project? What are their expertise and baggage? Don’t hesitate to meet them before committing: being in synergy with your business partners will contribute greatly to your project’s success!


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