20 things I’ve learned about Classe Affaires

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A little over two years ago, I arrived at Classe Affaires to oversee the company’s communications and marketing. It was my first experience in the tech industry and, truth be told, I was somewhat intimidated.

Right away, my new colleagues gave me their support, introducing me to a world of inspiring innovations. The years have passed so quickly, marked by stimulating initiatives, many wonderful encounters and, above all, a solid team spirit. 

It’s our 20th anniversary this year, which is a huge milestone worth celebrating. To mark the occasion, I wanted to share with you 20 things Ive discovered about the company since I joined.  


20 things I’ve learned about Classe Affaires 

1. Flexible teleworking options were available before the pandemic. The company had adopted a telework policy years ago, so when circumstances demanded it, everything was already in place for employees to work in the comfort of their own home 

2. There’s room for innovation… but also room for error. At Classe Affaires, we understand that to offer truly innovative solutions, we have to be willing to accept that sometimes we’re on the wrong track. We value learning from our mistakes, which creates an environment conducive to idea sharing and creativity. 

3. The company cultivates a rock-solid team spirit. Whatever the context, your responsibilities or your field of expertise, ego gives way to shared We help each other and are open to ideas that help us all move forward. 

4. Learning every day is very motivating. There’s no status quo in the tech world, we have to push beyond our comfort zones! Thanks to a team that shares its knowledge, we’re all constantly evolving. 

5. Fun and performance are compatible! We work seriously, but we never miss an opportunity to tease one another or have fun. Sometimes a GIF or a Meme is worth a thousand words. Friendly rivalries begin at Laser Tag and continue at bowling. A LEGO snowblower says it all. 

6. Technology is a tool, not an end. Since Day 1, Classe Affaires has been committed to using technology to help companies achieve their goals. The ultimate goal of any project is to turn our clients’ business strategies into reality. Click here for examples of our projects. 

7. The week can end at lunchtime on Friday. Did you have a big week? Tons of deliverables? We can trade our accumulated time for a long weekend!

8. Summer is for playing. Everyone on the team respects each other’s vacations. We understand that to be at your best at work, it’s important to have periods of actual rest.

9. AFK stands for “away from keyboard.” At Classe Affaires, the meaning of AFK is important, both literally and in practice. AFK time is what enables us to strengthen team connections and recharge our batteries. That’s why AFK is the name of our social club.

10. A good manager is priceless. We’re fortunate to have a management team with excellent business acumen, but also all the human qualities needed to be good leaders. On a day-to-day basis, this makes a huge difference!

11. Everyone belongs here. Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of people. Through their experience, personality, knowledge, training, age or interests, each team members enriches the “Classe Affaires experience” in his or her own way. 

12. It’s all about work/life balance. Whether it’s to pick up the youngest from daycare or to play a soccer match, it’s possible to rearrange your schedule. 

13. Investing in team development is a win-win situation. In addition to annual training budgets, management listens to our aspirations and offers us opportunities accordingly.  

14. Nobody’s perfect… but together, we’re hot. We know how to capitalize on each other’s strengths through a culture of mutual support, collaboration, listening and sharing. 

15. Supporting trainees means growing with them. That’s why we entrust them with motivating projects and provide them with the support they need to succeed. Our very first trainee to join the team is actually still here – after 14 years!

16. The team thrives on challenges. Finding and implementing the most intelligent solution to meet our clients’ needs is a huge source of pride.

17. Your friends are my friends. The referral culture is very strong at Classe Do you know someone you trust and love working with? Chances are, they’ll eventually be invited to join the team. 

18. What counts is the team’s strength. Classe Affaire employs around 25 people, which means we have a small team. But that doesn’t stop us from completing major projects! 

19. Youth and maturity go hand in hand. Célestin and  Jean-Sébastien were very young when they founded Classe Affaires. Twenty years later, they’re still as dynamic and inquisitive as ever, but they also have a wealth of experience. This combination enables them to make sound decisions for the benefit of both their team and their clients.

20. “ Together. Intelligently.” is so much more than simply a slogan. It’s deeply rooted in the company’s DNA and is lived out both within the team and in our relationships with our clients.


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