Andrea joins our team!

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For our new product designer, creating a user experience is primarily about taking an interest in the person behind the machine. No wonder she has a special interest in studying human behaviour!

Andrea is passionate about design in general: she’s interested in the way digital products, objects and services are developed. She holds a master’s degree in interaction design, to which she adds a wealth of professional experience. She sharpened her expertise by managing agency mandates, designing digital products and standardizing platforms for a major corporation.

For her, the success of a project depends on integrating diverse perspectives. That’s why she likes multidisciplinary teams, where brainstorming is the essence of creativity. While some adopt a technical approach, others bring more business-oriented ideas to the table. Andrea, on the other hand, represents the users. Once a bunch of possibilities have been laid out, she puts them in order, organizes and structures them. Her mind is equally creative and analytical, enabling her to design interfaces that users love.

Andrea is just as proactive and energetic in her free time as she is at work. An avid outdoorswoman, she enjoys running, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and camping. Her love of movement also extends to dancing, which she has enjoyed since the age of 8, and in recent years, she has developed a particular interest in Brazilian dance styles.

Welcome to the team, Andrea!


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