AFK: the glue team!

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From the Lower St. Lawrence region to the North Shore, via Victoriaville and Quebec City, the Classe Affaires team is spread out around the province. We may be physically far apart, but we’re determined to remain a close-knit team.

With this objective in mind, we created a lively, informal group that we named the AFK. Throughout the year, Nadine, Vicky, Guillaume and Nicolas tap into their imaginations to offer their colleagues opportunities to have fun and unwind together.


Let’s start with the basics: what does AFK mean?

“Away from keyboard!” exclaims Guillaume.

– “The term social club used to be popular, but it evoked the wrong image in our case, and we wanted the name to be unique,” continues Nadine. “That’s how Jean-Sébastien came up with ‘AFK’!”

Jean-Sébastien Parent, vice-president and co-founder of Classe Affaires, is well known for his creativity when it comes to naming events. Used by gamers, the acronym ‘AFK’ means taking a break.

– “We settled on it right away,” adds Nadine. “It’s a name that reflects the fact that outside of work, we’re able to have fun together, away from the keyboard.”



Why do you like being part of AFK?

– “At Classe Affaires, we all have the option of working remotely, but once in a while, you feel like being around other people,” says Guillaume. “Being part of AFK entitles you to choose activities, to push for what interests you, to throw out new ideas.”

– “Working together is fun, but working with your friends is even more enjoyable,” adds Nicolas. “Outside activities create these opportunities, and that’s important to me. Plus, it takes a bunch of people to make something happen!”

– “We work too long in a lifetime to forge purely professional bonds with our colleagues,” continues Nadine. “What I like about AFK is coming up with activities and themes that would please the team. It’s a major challenge! We always hope that the next proposal will be a hit and motivate everyone to join in the fun. And I have to say that I enjoy spending time with the AFK gang. We have tons of ideas and really want to contribute. It’s a different kind of meeting that breaks up our week.”

– “It’s such a lovely break from our regular work,” agrees Vicky. “Since I’m always working remotely, it gives me a chance to interact with other people.”


What is AFK’s mission and main objectives?

– “It’s all about getting people involved, finding activities that will generate excitement,” says Guillaume. “You need something that’s fun, that will inspire people to participate. We have to manage to keep people interested and motivated, especially in the context of teleworking.”

– “It’s mainly because of teleworking,” continues Nadine. “We can’t ask our remote people to be present all the time. More than half the team is outside Quebec City, so we have to be creative to include as many people as possible. As part of ‘staying together’, we want to multiply opportunities to see each other even from a distance, with activities held on digital platforms.”

– “We know we’ll never have 100% participation,” adds Vicky. “However, there’s a core group that consistently joins in, and we’re working hard to create a ripple effect.”


Why is AFK important for Classe Affaires?

– “It’s not only important, it’s vital!” insists Nadine. “For me, AFK is part of our corporate culture, it’s the heart of Classe Affaires. It’s what ensures that we have fun together. Through AFK, we get to know each other and create a sense of belonging that extends beyond our work team. By taking part in activities, we forge bonds and grow closer to one another. Corporate culture happens. But a healthy culture needs cultivating, and AFK plays a key role in this.”



At Classe Affaires, we “Grow. Together. Intelligently.” Does this also apply to AFK?

– “I think ‘Together’ is a given,” says Vicky. “But, of course, we’ll also ‘Grow’! We grow by getting to know our colleagues in a new context, creating different relationships.” Intelligently…

– “If we want to have fun, we can’t be that smart!” jokes Nadine. “But we can have intelligent fun!”


What are AFK’s objectives for 2024?

– “Our aim is to reach as many people as possible!” says Nicolas.

– “That’s why we want to find ways of seeing each other more often,” continues Nadine. “Through remote activities, with digital media, at various times of the day, using various formats, durations, and themes… We’re growing, we have a more extensive remote reality, so we’re focussing on ‘Together’ in 2024.”



What was your favourite activity in 2023?

– “Definitely the Holiday party,” Guillaume says immediately. “The food, the atmosphere… everything was wonderful!”

– “Without a doubt, I would have to say that the Lego challenge was my favourite,” says Nadine. “I loved the initial craze, with the avatar challenge. Everyone was happy to receive a box of Lego, it was exciting.”

– “Summer and fall go-karting,” says Nicolas. “That’s where I had the most fun.”

– “I’m going to go with the Christmas party,” says Vicky, “because it was an opportunity to see the most people. But the baseball activity was cool too!”


2023 was a busy year, but 2024 promises to be just as full of fun. Already, the team has had the opportunity to take part in a distillery tour, a Lego challenge, happy hours, an evening of board games… and the year has only just begun!


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