CBR Laser

Enhancing the usage of Azure DevOps


CBR Laser is a North American leader in laser cutting. In business for more than 20 years, they have experienced continuous growth: they now have 6 plants in Quebec and 800 employees.

The company has a rock-solid IT team that is keeping pace with several major projects. Always on the lookout for ways to improve performance, the team has taken an interest in DevOps, an approach where software development and operations go hand in hand.

CBR Laser called on Classe Affaires to help them implement this approach. Our two teams quickly found a common ground and a solid collaborative relationship was established!



The CBR Laser team is talented and dynamic. The objective of our contribution was to provide them with the tools that would enable them to reach their full potential.

  • Present and implement best practices for using Azure DevOps.
  • Ensure consistency of methodology, whether applied by junior or senior team members.
  • Increase the programming team’s performance
  • Give management peace of mind


Strategies and innovations

In addition to implementing the DevOps approach, we freed up time for the IT team to focus on value-added tasks.

  • Standardize processes
  • Prioritize and rank the steps of a project
  • Schedule automatic checks
  • Automate certain recurring tasks
  • Ensure data security and access management
  • Improve traceability by allowing more accurate tracking


Azure DevOps was implemented while maintaining operational capacity and ensuring delivery of ongoing projects.

CBR Laser’s IT team reached a new level of agility, without making a clean sweep of past achievements.

The standardization of procedures makes it easy to integrate new team members.

Security and access request management have been strengthened.

Project validation and tracking are easy. Dashboards make it possible to view the progress of a project and to make changes in case of unforeseen events.

Traceability has been improved: it is now possible to validate the origin of changes made to a project.

Compilation and deployments are done automatically, resulting in efficiencies and reduced manpower requirements.

Management has better visibility on the progress of the various projects.

“The added value is in the peace of mind acquired following the contribution of Classe Affaires. We are convinced that the expertise acquired by our team will save time and money in the short term.”
— Jean-Michel Brassard, IT Director
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