Neo has been launched!

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On May 18, Classe Affaires unveiled a major initiative that the team has been working on for several months: a new Transportation Management System (TMS)

Neo is the integration of new technologies in the heavy-duty trucking sector. The initiative is grounded in the latest technologies and the desire to offer an unrivalled user experience. Simple, user-friendly and human-centred, our solution boosts performance while facilitating teamwork. 



Neo is being developed in close collaboration with Transport Jacques Auger, enabling us to develop features specific to the transportation of oil. The solution will also include general modules, such as: 

  • Customer service: access all customer information, including order status 
  • Work orders: create and consult orders and their status 
  • Planning: match drivers, trucks and trailers based on their availability 
  • Dispatching: assign orders to drivers in a schedule accessible to all 

 Furthermore, Neo lets you take advantage of integration with telemetry (ISAAC Instruments, Attrix), mechanical maintenance (MIR-RT), trailer geolocation (Anytrek) and accounting solutions, among others. 


Neo in numbers 

Classe Affaires has 20 years’ experience in the transportation industry. Through projects with A. Beaumont Transport, Distribution Carl Beaulac and Transport Guilbault, among others, we have developed solid expertise in the field. 

We met with over 100 industry members and, above all, listened to them. We paid careful attention to their needs, challenges and hopes. 

The result is a 100% Quebec-based solution, adapted to the realities of local truckers. Offered as a Saas model, it is 100% web-based, making it easily accessible wherever the user may be. 


The Neo name and image were unveiled on May 18, 2023, at a Datadis event held at the Château Frontenac. Photo: Steve Bouchard 


Why name it Neo? 

From the Greek language, Neo means “new,” while in pop culture, the name refers to a hero who masters modern technology. For us, Neo is: 

  • the reinvention of road transportation management solutions 
  • putting innovative technologies in the hands of real heroes, road transportation management teams 
  • a new experience, combining ease of use and performance 

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