Has it already been 20 years?

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The last two decades have flown by in the blink of an eye for Célestin Ferland, President, and Jean-Sébastien Parent, Vice-President.

“It’s crazy to think that we’ve been running Classe Affaires for half our lives!” exclaims Célestin. All these years, the two men have pursued the same goal: to put information technology at the service of business. Proud and happy about the path they’re on, they have supported many entrepreneurs over the years, helping them grow their businesses.


Their story did not start in a garage, but close!

When Célestin and Jean-Sébastien embarked on their adventure, they were 20 years old and had ideas of greatness. They also had a serious case of baby face, which made finding a location to set up the business a major challenge.

“I remember going to appointments to visit premises and coming away empty-handed, because they didn’t take us seriously,” recalls Jean-Sébastien. Other landlords did not follow up on their applications or delayed signing the lease.

Convinced of the company’s future success, the young men persevered and eventually rented a tiny space in the basement of a commercial building. The 90-ft2 space was barely big enough for two workspaces, oriented back-to-back. The co-founders are unanimous: many chair back collisions ensued!

Time has proven them right: Classe Affaires has enjoyed huge success and grown steadily. After a decade, Célestin and Jean-Sébastien acquired a 4,000-ft2 building to accommodate their team.


Together, we go further.

The co-founders of Classe Affaires are quick to point out the importance of the team in the evolution of the company. “We’ve managed to build an incredible team that cares about the success of the company and our clients. Being surrounded by people we trust and knowing that we can lead large, ambitious, and complex projects is an incredible source of motivation,” says Jean-Sébastien.

Over the years, the successful projects have multiplied, but so have the quality relationships. “It’s a bit of a cliché, but you don’t start a company to make friends. However, we have developed many friendships with employees and clients,” says Célestin.


Grow. Together. Intelligently.

After 20 years of collaboration, the co-founders still have the same desire to bring their clients’ innovative ideas to life. Their recipe for success? Continuously learn and evolve, combine efforts to reach common goals and be discerning in their choices.

With a team that draws on complementary talents to achieve their goals, they have proven time and again that they can take on ambitious projects. And this is just the beginning!


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