A Beaumont Transport

A custom solution for optimizing operations


A. Beaumont Transport is a family-owned company that has been transporting liquid, chemical, petroleum and bulk products since 1987. The company has earned a reputation for excellence thanks to its reliable, safe and environmentally responsible services.

Passionate about transportation and efficiency, André Beaumont decided to modernize and optimize his company’s operations by taking inspiration from airports.

The software available on the market covered 90% of A. Beaumont Transport’s needs… but not the 10% that makes it unique. Not taking this 10% into account meant neglecting what constituted the company’s competitive advantage: the transportation of hazardous materials and specialized equipment, for example.


  1. Optimize operations, including eliminating administrative redundancy
  2. Automate tasks that do not add value
  3. Digitize paper-based processes


Strategies et innovations

The company adopted a step-by-step approach to ensure the success of this modernization project. Several modules were developed:

  • Equipment fleet, destination and distance management
  • Dispatching
  • Orders
  • Contaminations
  • Preloads, loads and drops
  • Route data verification
  • Fuel tank levels
  • Integration of ISAAC Instruments tracking systems
  • Electronic and computerized delivery slips
  • Payroll, automated with the accounting system
  • Complete employee file


  1. Globalized distribution
  2. Centralized driver payroll information. The resource allocation tool is linked to the payroll, communicating with the Isaac system installed in the vehicles.
  3. Optimized processes. Vehicle telemetry information is included in the software, which saves a lot of time.
  4. Increased productivity
"My transportation company is as well configured as an airport!"
— André Beaumont

In 2018, A. Beaumont Transport joined Kingsway, a TFI International company.

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