Eurofins – EnvironeX

Business intelligence for lab testing


Founded in 2005, Eurofins EnvironeX is now the leading testing laboratory in the environmental, food, agriculture, health and pharmaceutical sectors in Quebec. The team has over 600 employees and three state-of-the-art laboratories.

When we began our business relationship with EnvironeX, the company was already using a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). The problem with the existing solution was that sales data was compartmentalized, so the business development team did not have access to it.


  1. Increase visibility of data relevant to the sales team.
  2. Introduce a business intelligence (BI) tool to manage the company’s performance.
  3. Create a sales funnel.


"At first, we didn't know exactly what we wanted. There was some wonderful collaboration on the needs analysis, which resulted in a solution that really fit our situation. That's why, years later, we're still using what was put in place."
— Langis Gamache, VP Finance

Strategies and innovations

  • We restructured the existing database without affecting the performance of EnvironeX during the changes.
  • We implemented a BI solution that was customized to meet the company’s needs.


Over the years, EnvironeX has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2018, the company was acquired by the Eurofins Group, a world leader in the environment laboratory testing. The BI solution developed with our team is still relevant to Eurofins EnvironeX, which plans to continue using it going forward.

"In 2016, Classe Affaires was a pioneer in implementing Power BI, which we still use in our business performance management. We have continued to develop this tool, which has truly changed our organization."
— Langis Gamache, VP Finance
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