Turn a business goal into an innovative solution

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How can we help you?

At Classe Affaires, we won’t talk much about IT with you: we’ll mainly discuss growth, issues, strategy and business goals. In short, actual business!
Our role is to objectively advise you in your business decisions and in those concerning your IT systems, to successfully bridge business and IT and achieve your desired results.


A proven method

We firmly believe that together, we can optimize your processes, achieve your business strategy and bring your projects to life. How? Thanks to our simple, proven, three-step approach that leads to the realization of quality structuring projects.

Our method focusses on reflection and discussion. We take time to understand your situation, your business and your daily life, along with your difficulties and your challenges. Nothing is left to chance.

No surprises. No cost overruns.

Skeptical?  Here’s an overview.



the Why




the What




the How


Step 1: ANALYZE 

To understand your personal situation and your needs (the Why)

We ask you questions, listen to what you have to say, discuss details with you, then propose a clear outline of how your project would proceed.

It’s important that we take part in the strategic thinking process early on so that we can determine the optimal solutions together. Stating the why allows us to define your needs, thus avoiding confusion, slippage and additions once the project has been set in motion.


Step 1 involves:

  • Current understanding of the project: business needs, goals, constraints, risks and issues
  • Definition of the current process
  • Identification of possible solutions
  • Definition of the project’s scope and complexity

It requires approximately 20 hours of work. The duration depends on the type of project and the ecosystem in which it will be carried out. At this stage it’s also possible to quantify the value of the necessary investments.


The goal?

To confirm the value of the project by clearly defining:

  • The scoop
  • The cost
  • The schedule


The outcome?

A summary analysis, approved by all parties.


Step 2: DEFINE 

For an effective and profitable project (the What)

At this stage, the project takes shape, we define its various facets and we answer questions: What exactly should the solution do? What is the detailed strategy? What technical and human resources will be required?

Here we combine our business intelligence and the IT expertise of our specialists with your knowledge of your business. Together, we define a custom solution that fits within the scope, cost and schedule established.


Step 2 involves:

  • Description of the target process
  • Detailed definition of the features and business rules of the selected solution: architecture, interfaces, prototype, key performance indicators, etc.
  • Design for a production plan


The goal?

To guarantee that the solution will meet the needs expressed through a detailed analysis.


The outcome?

A business case that sets out the project’s goals, situates the solution in its context of use, and specifies the strategy and the technical, human, financial and other means that will be used.


Step 3: IMPLEMENT (the How)

To bring your ideas to life and help you grow in line with your business goals (the How)

Now is the time to carry out the plan with your team and to optimally coordinate the actions and tasks. User-friendliness, open communication and agility guide our development process.


Step 3 involves:

  • Project management and follow-up
  • Development of the solution
  • Quality assurance
  • Implementation


The goal?

To offer you our support, expertise and efficiency in the implementation of the project, all within the project’s scope, budget and schedule, of course.


The outcome?

A documented business solution tailored to your specific requirements. And you won’t have any unpleasant surprises, because the solution is aligned with the “Why” and the “What.” In addition, Classe Affaires offers you support throughout the process, a close follow-up of the work and its progress, for an optimal outcome.

You will then be able to take action by relying on the expertise and skills of our team members. You wish to entrust the project to your internal teams or to another partner? We can accompany you throughout the process, if you wish.


Growing. Together. Intelligently.

Following our intervention, you’ll be able to see how your business goal has been turned into an innovative solution!

Classe Affaires offers you a simple, proven, three-step approach, a competent and dedicated team and a close collaboration. We’re here to help you grow intelligently.


You want to use technology to support your business strategies?

Contact our experts, they’ll be happy to discuss it with you!