A Holiday Celebration by Classe Affaires

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At Classe Affaires, the Christmas party is an event not to be missed: it’s the perfect occasion to highlight the pleasure of working together!

True to tradition, the team started the afternoon with a few games of laser tag. After a good workout, we headed to the beautiful Jacques-Cartier River area: we gathered in a huge Alpine Chalet for the rest of the festivities.

Christophe, our chef, prepared a decadent dinner right before our eyes. He offered us, among other things, beef tataki, deluxe grilled cheese sandwiches and an assortment of delicious desserts. To top it all off, wines paired with each dish were offered.

It was close to midnight when the meal ended, but the evening was just beginning. Rooms galore ensured that everyone could safely celebrate as long as they wanted. Plus, a spectacular breakfast was served the next morning!

Although there were plenty of gifts, it is especially for the warm atmosphere, the pleasant discussions and the pleasure of seeing each other again that this event will be memorable!