Welcome to Manel, our new business analyst!

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From agri-food startup to international financial groups, Manel has rich and varied experience. Classe Affaires is delighted to welcome her to the team!

Manel’s versatility and strong ability to adapt are well proven. She originally studied business and market finance at HEC, focusing on planning, business decision-making and financial strategies. After completing her master’s, she began a career in the financial sector and, a few years later, made the move into the field of technology. She’s not afraid to take on wide-ranging challenges—quite the opposite!

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One constant in her career has been a motivation to find solutions that create maximum value for clients, something that meshes perfectly with Classe Affaires’ mission! We have no doubt that with her knowledge, experience and personal skills, she will actively contribute to the success of our projects.

Welcome, Manel!